Tuesday, 14 April 2009

How To Get A New Job During The Credit Crunch

The numbers of people out of work is quite simply frightening, depending on where you get your information from some commentators i hear are predicting around 3 million people out of work before end of 2009, this would mean about 1 in 10 of Britain's working population unemployed! It sounds inevitable and only a matter of time before these unprecedented numbers are realised. However, this is no time to wait in anticipation of the inevitable, the future might be uncertain, but you can shape the future or in the least take several steps towards gaining re-employment.

Firstly, a few facts about the UK's construction sector:
  • It is the 2nd largest industry within the European Union
  • Employs more than 2 million people in Britain
  • Provides exports of more than £7 Billion pounds
  • Composed of mainly contractors, consultants, building materials and manufacturers
  • Mainly full of small to medium size companies with relatively small number of large companies
  • Involved in areas such as - architecture, residential and commerical buildings, building services, bridges, dams, roads, rail, regeneration and tunnels to name but a few..
Of note for this article is the last bullet point which describes the diverse business of construction. With certain parts of the industry at almost a standstill this is a time to review your varying skill-sets and consider where you can meet the current market needs.

So you need to be more flexible in terms of issues of remuneration, travel and also consideration for contracting or freelance work. Also, take a look at the public sector, there are establishments such as schools, hospitals and local authorities who will value highly experienced and multi skilled professionals.

As discussed previously, the competition for jobs is even more fierce and so re-marketing or re-branding yourself as a specialist with a broad set of relative experience and skills one which is transferable and pertinent in today's turbulent market is more than likely to be key in separating you from the crowd.

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